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Julian Weiss

designer and reverse-engineer of everything I can get my hands on. passionate writer and iOS fiend. part time hip hop head and Heideggerian thinker.

for about seven years I've been studying and expressing myself through iOS—ever since I first held an iPhone and realized its ineffable, human power, one which everyone else seemed to overlook. at first I thought this to be a mere fascination with the gadget, or fanboyism towards the eye-grabbing Steve Jobs.

soon, however, I realized (and frankly, this instinct and comprehension never stops growing) that the transcending influence of Apple's products was in the construction of this incredible bridge between two: between the mind of the user and the mind of the developer, between the hands of a human and the sensible, well-designed underpinning of the technology, between the art and the artwork, and the artwork and the artist. what other products and ideas and designs had lacked, at least in my encounters, was this sense of compassion and thoughtfulness, held hand-in-hand with elegance and mastery, which permeated iOS more than any other platform or medium of artwork I had ever seen.

as I understood this more and more, and strived to keep pushing forward academically and independently, my proficiency and range of interests and areas of expertise took a strong and passionate root. within a few years of high-school, I had a formidable handle on software development, particularly after several intensive courses and a summer-long iOS program (taught by Orta, now known for CocoaPods and Artsy).

from that point on, I spent all my free time engineering, ruminating, and sharing. after a few years in freelance communities such as Bukkit, YouTube, and jailbreak, I narrowed my work and propelled into academics and application. soon realizing I needed both more specificity in my individual field of interests, as well as a stronger foundation for teaching and learning, I came up with the three points of convergence I thought best outlined my work:

design: contextualizing reality and understanding innovation through human habits in software and everyday interaction. engineering: creating remarkable, thoughtful things through unbounded, inter-disciplinary collaborations. and philosophy: pushing human comprehension and intelligent expression through pragmatism, wide-reaching analysis, mentorship, and leadership.

take a look at how some of these have come to fruition through the links around this site. after producing hundreds of freelance projects, I spent about a year and a half at Urlinq as Vice President of iOS Product Development, and two years at University of Rochester as a full-time student (Computer Science, Art History, Philosophy). after pursuing the latter most significantly, absorbing everything I could about design and the integration of philosophy and art history with programming and software development, I've decided to forge my own path, primarily using small developer organizations such as Rinse and Context.

never hesitate to email me about support or opportunities in any field. this website, and my repository, are completely open source. I'm working on a few products to better articulate my interests and my hobbies, so don't worry, learning about both my broad maps of abstract, multi-disciplinary values, as well as my focused and powerful work with creative writing and UI design, will be achievable soon!